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The Neva Going Back Training Program is a comprehensive fitness regimen designed to help individuals of all fitness levels achieve their goals and transform their bodies.

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Why people need a Fitness Trainer!

In today's fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle, maintaining optimal health and fitness has become more critical than ever. Many individuals embark on personal fitness journeys, armed with YouTube tutorials, workout apps, and self-help articles. While these resources can be valuable, there's an irreplaceable advantage to having a fitness trainer by your side. In this blog post, we'll explore why people need a fitness trainer and how they can make a significant difference in achieving your fitness goals.

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Client Testimonials

My training experience with Jeremy has been amazing! He's encouraging, motivating, supportive, and gives a variety of great workouts. look forward to the days that I'm training with him, because I know I'm going to work hard, but also have fun. He's professional, timely, and all around fun and enjoyable to be around. Since I've started training, I've gone down in my pants sizes, my waist and face have gotten smaller, and my legs, arms and back are all more defined. I highly recommend training with him!
Van Durant
Nevagoingback is where it's at!! JB came in rolling and has not let up. Not only has he helped me with gains in a short period of time, he has also helped me perfect my form and learn some impactful HIIT exercises. Even on my solo workout days, I feel like I'm making gains because I am able to use the techniques and tips he has taught me during our sessions. My best trainer to date! I was working out on my own but really didn't start seeing results until I started training with JB. His upbeat personality, his drive makes you push yourself. His energy and variety of exercises makes coming to work out fun and interesting. Not knowing what's next and beating the challenge is another good day. If you want results losing weight, or muscle building, or just tightening up, you want training by JB.. I lost 30 pounds, feel better than I did 20 yrs ago. I'M NEVER GOING BACK TO OVERWEIGHT, LAZINESS, MEDICINE, UNHEALTHY EATING